Diversity and Tolerance

Recently someone sent me a note.

2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2.

For some reason that really made me laugh. It is a good illustration of the entire Diversity and Tolerance situation. People want to believe what makes them comfortable so they can continue their behavior. They want Tolerance.

But there are laws in the moral world just as there are in the physical world. What confuses many people is that consequences or results are sometimes hidden and/or a long time in coming. People then misunderstand cause and effect.

Suppose your friends hand you a very heavy rock and ask you to hold it. They may stand near you and give you a multitude of theories and ideas about gravity. You can be tolerant of all of these diverse ideas. But after a while your arms start getting tired and eventually you can no longer keep the rock from falling on your foot. Tolerance meets reality.

The rock only follows the law. It doesn't float upward one day, go west the next, and tomorrow goes down. The law of gravity isn't into diversity and tolerance. It is incredibly dogmatic and bigoted!

Many people think that moral behavior isn't subject to definite laws. They forget that cause and effect are not always immediate.

God's moral and spiritual laws are just as definite as physical laws that control colliding galaxies and falling rocks.

Today people like to think that there are a multitude of religions, spiritual beliefs, and doctrines and you can just choose the one that you like and that fits your life style. But reality is that there is only one God, the God of the Bible, and one law, His.

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