Mitchel Schwartz Photography, Why


God made the whole thing and what we see is a glimpse of his creativity, power, glory, and patience. Sometimes I'm lucky and catch some of that awesomeness in a moment.

I take photos of many things -

  • people- all sizes, shapes, and ages, just being people but always in a positive light, sometimes funny, sometimes loving, sometimes curious, sometimes serious, and often just having fun
  • landscapes - things of all sizes that don't move fast and aren't chasing me - a simple flower or interesting rock, an old tree, a mountain, a pool of water or lake, a smoky valley, whatever appeals
  • sometimes animals - a butterfly, hummingbird, elk, hawk, quail, or old cow - busy living their lives
  • machines and structures - works of a creative mind showing design, function, and sometimes a little awe
  • Photography for me is a moment, a certain light, a gesture, a confluence of objects or people, light, and luck. Sometimes it is hard to explain but you know it when you see it. In that moment magic happens.

    I have a weakness for certain subjects, a little kid wondering at a crack in the sidewalk, two old people sharing a memory, a grandfather touching his grandson, a mother frowning at muddy shoes, a little girl finding her first worm, the first smoke of a Merlin engine coming to life, the light of the morning sun on fog in a valley three thousand feet below, a hummingbird flaring its tail, a guitarist when he "nails" it, the pelicans skimming along above the water with the Owyhees rising behind them, and high thin strands of ice crystals in a dark blue Idaho sky. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but here in Idaho it's almost everywhere you look.

    Bottom line - photography is fun and sometimes magic happens.

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