Important Notes

  • TURN OFF IMAGE RESIZER!! Your web browser will automatically fit images of maps, etc. to fit your screen if you don't turn off the resizer. These maps are big and you will not be able to see detail if the resizer is on!
  • MAPS
  • Most maps are large to give maximum detail and make names clear-I tried to indicate their size so you'd know how long to wait for them. If you have any problem, send me an e-mail. If your connection is too slow, perhaps I could put the map on a cd and send you. I don't charge for that.
  • Some maps were put together from pieces. The "seams" are not exact. (Names and lines may be distorted.)
  • Your web browser may not display some files but ask you to save to disk. If you save them to your hard drive, almost any graphics program will display or print them.
  • Most of the biographies displayed are actually an image (picture) of the book's page and not text.
  • If you try to print them, your printer may or may not leave off part of the image. The actual image (picture) is saved in an underlying subdirectory so it will not save to your disk if you try to save the web page. They are not "hidden" or "forbidden" to copy so if you wish, you can still obtain the image with your web browser and save to your disk.

    First display the page you want to "save" with your web browser. Note the address your web browser displays. The "Address" is that line displayed near the top of your web browser that shows where your computer got the web page it is showing.

    Example for Marion County History page 652.


    Note at the end it shows "P650.html". 650 is the actual page number in the book this was taken from and is the number on the image.

    Change the P650.html to BkPg and press your enter key. (Don't change the whole address! ONLY the ending where you now type "BkPg").

    The web browser now displays a directory or list of all the images found in the subdirectory "BkPg". One of them will have the number 650. If you click your mouse on that number the web browser should display the image. You can now save that image to your disk. After you have saved the image to your disk you can use a graphics program to view or print it.

    If I've only confused you with this, send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to send a copy of the images attached to a return e-mail.

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